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We are a green energy company working in the field of solar energy. We provide our clients with both a renewable and sustainable alternative source of power while helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

Our work with solar energy is unlike any other in that we not only provide clean and sustainable power but also help to protect the world's climate. We accomplish this goal by improving the environment in a real way.

When you use our company in conjunction with your renewable energy sources, the combined usage will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The more you use our services, the greater your energy footprint will be. You'll find that we offer exactly what you need to take control of your energy usage and protect the environment in one fell swoop.

Michael Brian
Solatec Founder
Making A Difference Today
Our Energy Systems Are Reliable And Sustainable For Homes And Businesses

Solar power is an incredibly effective method of energy generation all on its own. Just one hour of sunlight can create the same amount of energy that would be produced in an entire month by fossil fuels.

With our services, you'll work with experts who are experienced in renewable energy and understand exactly what it takes to improve the environment through solar energy generation. We have all of the tools and equipment needed to give you a real impact on your carbon footprint.

Big Savings
Our services can provide you with big savings on your monthly bill.
Power Your Home
We are a green energy company working in the field of solar energy.
Consulting Services
We will help advise you about how to improve your home.
Certified Engineers
Our engineers are certified professionals dedicated to helping you.
Combined Usage
The more you use our services, the lower your carbon footprint will be.
Expert Advice
Our combined expertise can help you achieve your goals.
99.9% Customer Satisfaction based on 750+ reviews and 6,154 Completed Projects.

Our technology is created in-house by our team of professionals in the various fields associated with electrical engineering. We will satisfy all your power needs at a lower price than what you pay currently.

Power generation with an environmentally friendly technology
Cleaner energy at a lower cost than what you currently pay
Guaranteed response within 24 hours of any issue
Faster, Cheaper, Greener
We Stay On Top Through Constant Innovation and Improvements

Our R&D team has been continuing to develop and design new technology for use in our current and future generators. We currently have a number of patents pending, and we will notify you when they are granted.

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