L-Prize; Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prizes

L Prize Competition Launch at Lightfair

May 28, 2008

DOE Announces L Prize Competition at Lightfair

L Prize announcement Photo, David Rodgers

David Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS), U.S. Department of Energy, announced details on the Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize competition at LIGHTFAIR International in Las Vegas, Nevada.

L Prize announcement Group Photo

For the announcement, DAS Rodgers was joined by energy leaders from four major California utilities. These utilities are working closely with DOE to support the L Prize competition. Pictured, left to right: Jim Parks, Manager, Energy Efficiency & Customer R&D, Sacramento Municipal Utility District; Roland Risser, Director, Customer Energy Efficiency Strategic Planning, Pacific Gas & Electric; David Rodgers, Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy; James Brodrick, Lighting Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy; Mark Gaines, Director of Energy Efficiency, Customer Programs, San Diego Gas & Electric; and Gene Rodrigues, Director of Energy Efficiency, Southern California Edison.

L Prize announcement Photo, Gene Rodrigues

Gene Rodrigues, Southern California Edison, held up a handful of cash to emphasize that L Prize is not only about saving energy, but also about saving money. The L Prize winning products will significantly reduce lighting energy use and costs, and put money back into America's pockets.

Learn more about solid-state lighting at the U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting Web site

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