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Battery Materials
Lithium batteries have become the battery type of choice in most applications due to the high energy density

We offer a wide range of battery materials, including cathode materials, anode materials, separator materials, and electrolyte materials.

Our experts cover all battery chemistries, including lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride, and lithium-ion.

We supply both finished cells and cell components.


Q: What battery materials are right for my use case?

A: The best way to choose the right battery material is to work with an expert who understands your application and can recommend the best chemistries and solutions.

Q: Can you provide cells and cell components?

A: Yes, we can provide both finished cells and cell components. We have a wide range of chemistries and solutions to meet your needs.

Q: How quickly can you deliver?

A: We can typically deliver within 2-4 weeks, depending on the products and quantities involved.

Q: Are your batteries safe?

A: Yes, our batteries are safe. We take safety very seriously and have a number of measures in place to ensure the safety of our products.

Q: Can you provide custom battery packs?

A: Yes, we can provide custom battery packs. We have a number of options to meet your needs.

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Our R&D team has been continuing to develop and design new technology for use in our current and future generators. We currently have a number of patents pending, and we will notify you when they are granted.

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